Sunday, March 24, 2013

Project Life Organization

It's been an absolutely crazy busy week.  I had long days at work, a bit of volunteer work judging moot court, and then a jam-packed three day weekend.  Thursday night I stayed up way too late watching videos on You Tube on Project Life organization and layouts.  Lots of fun, but I probably should have been sleeping because Friday was a LONG day.  I was up early to clean the house before heading off to the CKC convention.  I spent a whirlwind few hours on the vendor floor looking for products and projects to fire my creative mojo.  Then I raced back home to get the hubby to race back up the freeway for a hockey game that night.  Saturday, I thought I would start tackling the stack of completed layouts that have not made it to books, but that project is still all over the dining room table because we had tickets to last night's hockey game too.  So today I had all day to play in my craft room, but I spent most of it creating a notebook to organize project life.  I find I forget what pictures I have since I usually have them on my phone and two other cameras.  This will help me keep in mind what pictures I have taken so I can stay on top of whether I need more or have plenty.  I also have places for reminders of what happened on what day and plenty of room for notes.  I have small scale models of all the types of sleeves I have and have a printable project form for each week.  I really think this will help me keep everything straight, especially when I eventually will get behind. I found this cute little half-size notebook at Staples.  It's small enough to fit in my new purse but also big enough to track everything I need.  I'm excited to try it out this week. 

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Kim said...

Is your printable project form available anywhere?