Friday, August 3, 2012

Fun Thank You Project

My computer hard drive died a few weeks ago (gasp!).  I am so lucky to have a computer guru who is a friend of the family.  He could have diagnosed my problem over the phone if I had known anything about computers.  Now it's better than ever and I owe him a huge debt of gratitude.  However, from prior experience, I know that my computer angel will not accept money for his services, just the cost of the parts.  But, he's not one to turn down Diet Pepsi.  But, of course, I had to put my own twist on it.  Thanks to a tip from my mom, I knew to get the bottled kind.  I measured the label and used my Silhouette Design Studio to make my own label for the bottles.  Then, I printed six of them and cut them out to the perfect size using the Print and Cut feature.  With a little patience, I managed to slip the bottles out of the holder, adhere my special labels and slip them all (well except one stubborn bottle) back into the holder.  Now I have a personalized thank you and all I'm waiting for is summer activities to stop getting in the way of the usual Friday night dinner. 

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