Wednesday, August 1, 2012

For the kitties...

No, not my kitties, but the kitties at a nearby shelter.  A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to get to work again with someone I worked with several years ago.  It was great fun to catch up with her.  Her hobby is taking care of the feral cats in the neighborhood.  She traps them, pays for them to be spayed/neutered, and tries to adopt out those that are "tamable."  For those that aren't, she releases them and provides them food and keeps working to earn their trust.  It just takes patience.  When she's not helping the kitties of her neighborhood, she's helping the kitties of the shelter by crocheting "snuggles."  These little blankets have been shown to calm kitties and make them "shine" in the unnatural habitat, so they are more likely to be adopted.   There's a great website with information about this project at

So I was inspired by my dear friend that I turned my inability to sit to still into something good and crocheted a snuggle, which I managed to do over the last four days (well really two days if you drop out the time I spent out of commission with a migraine) with two skeins of yarn.  It was super simple.  If you have a talent for sewing, knitting or crocheting, please consider checking out the website and making a snuggle for your local shelter. 

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