Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Card from a Kit (and a glimpse into my craft room)

Happy Fourth of July!  Today I thought I would show you a little bit of my craft room as part of showing you what I did to a card from a kit I had in my stash.  I've picked up kits from time to time while shopping at the Creating Keepsakes Convention.  Now, if you've ever shopped at one of these like I have, you get home with all this stuff and it takes a bit of time to actually get around to using it.  Plus I signed up for a kit of the month club and the kits didn't come monthly, but rather pretty much all in a big lump.  So I had a stack of kits that I haven't played with.

I keep them stored in Iris containers purchased a Michaels.  (Yes, I'm just a little Dynamo label happy) I just grabbed one at random for this project. 

The kit had a project, a layout and a card.  The card was extremely plain with the card constructed using a printed paper embellished with another strip of striped paper, a circle and a slide mount with a vellum sentiment.  However, the sentiment wasn't one I would likely use.  So after looking at the card for a while, I decided that the somber colors would be perfect for a sympathy card.  I decided to make the card base out of plain cardstock and use the patterened paper as a mat.  I pulled out my vellum scraps from the other day.   My scraps are all kept in a 12 by 12 rolling cart slipped under the table in my craft room and are sorted by color: 

I wasn't sure how well it would stamp, but I decided to give it a try.  I was shocked at how well it did take a stamp (while some stamps are stored in this drawer, I also have two photo boxes with stamps and another drawer in another cart with others). 

I used my Basic Black ink from Stampin' Up  with another sentiment from the Garden Flowers set from Inkadinkado and it's hard to tell that it's not printed.  My ink is stored in a drawer and in a tower that I picked up at the Scrapbook Expo convention last year.  Each distress ink has it's own pad velcro'd to the bottom (I think I picked up that tip from Ermma at My Creative Time).   

Then I built the card as show in the kit, but added some pearls from scraps in my bling drawer (shown above with my stamps) and a few prima flowers from my big can of flowers. 

I finished off the flowers with a few Irock gems to finish it off.   My Irock is stored with the tools on my work surface and the gems are stored with my embellishments that I have stored in an Iris container meant for photos.

I was actually pretty happy with how the card turned out.  
So that's a glimpse into my craft room.  Yes, everything is always labelled and things all have their own place.  However, my work surface is usually a mess until I finish a project.  Then I usually clean it all back up so I can start the next project with a little order. 

So I wish you all a very happy and safe Fourth of July.  It will be a pretty quiet one here.  The furballs are not fireworks fans, so we usually stay home with them so they have someone to cuddle with when they get scared.  Honestly, that's about the best place to be anyhow.  We can see the big fireworks display from the picture window in our bedroom, so we have the best of all worlds. 

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