Thursday, October 2, 2014

Fun Girls' Night Out at Runaway Art and Crafts

A week ago, my mom, sister and our friend Pat took a Whippersnapper card class at Runaway Art and Crafts.  Even though I've been to the store many times, I've never taken a class there.  I was planning to drive to Seattle to take Sandy Allnock's class at Impress, but when I heard Pat was going to be in town, I wanted to find something we could all do and the Whippersnapper class taught by Deb Hook seemed like the perfect choice. 

I was a little hesitant when I arrived a bit ahead of the rest of the girls because I'm not very comfortable in social situations when I don't know anyone, but everyone made me feel very welcome.

The class itself was so much fun.  We all had a great time and want to take more classes in the future. I had a great opportunity to practice my copic coloring (since the Copic for Card Markers class keeps stressing that practice is the key), I didn't expect to learn so much either.  I've been making cards for a long time and I watch a lot (probably way too many) You Tube videos on card making techniques, but I loved the partial die cut technique Deb taught with the Spellbinders dies.  So cool!   Deb was a great instructor.  She kept up with everyone and made it all seem effortless and, of course, Christy, the owner, was gracious as always.  I love having a local store with such a great owner.

Anyhow, go check out the class offerings at Runaway, they are amazing!  Here are the cards I made:


Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

I read every word. You r a good writer. Our local stores like this have closed. I love every one of your cards and was hoping you would show a card using a partial die cut. I also love love the bug and magnifying glass. Where can I find this? So glad u had great time. I'm not comfortable in situations either with people I don't know.

Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

you never told me about the bug stamp and where you got it? I'm still interested!