Monday, June 30, 2014

Simon Says Stamp July 2014 Card Kit

I've mentioned before that I bought the Simon Says Stamp July 2014 Card Kit.  I started by making the sample cards on the sheet that comes in the kit.  None of these are my design and I followed the pictures pretty faithfully (with only small deviations) and none (except maybe the watercolor one) required much experience to replicate (the only reason the watercolor might be difficult is that a new card maker may not understand that you can use the ink in the kit to do the watercoloring and the ink splatter or feel comfortable with watercoloring or splattering ink at all).  I decided to use this kit as if I'm brand new to the hobby as I'm trying to decide if this kit would be a good choice for a relative beginning.  My boss' daughter has only recently taken up card making and since she too is fighting breast cancer (seems like I know a lot of people fighting it lately), I was looking for a kit that might be a good gift for her to play with when she's feeling up to playing with paper. My verdict?  I personally love the kit.  The stamp set is very versatile and stamps well.  There's good value in the kit and I think it's something anyone from a newcomer with only basic skills and tool to an advanced card marker could enjoy.  Honestly, I went from just trying it to see if I would recommend it for a new card maker to seriously considering a subscription myself.  I've bought a couple of their kits in the past, but haven't played with them as just the kit itself.  This is the first time I've spent a lot of time playing with just the kit and I think I'm hooked.

Anyhow, here are the cards I made from the samples:

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