Saturday, June 7, 2014

Looking for My Mojo

I just don't get it.  I have the whole day to myself because hubby has catering to do today.  I've been looking forward all week to a whole day to play in my craft room without feeling guilty about taking away from time we could spend together.  Now that it's here, apparently my mojo took the day off just when I had planned to make a handful of cards to have ready to encourage my friend as she goes through her upcoming surgery and chemo and reconstruction.  I could be in my craft room, but I've been folding clothes, changing sheets on the bed, trying to fix a slow drain...  When cleaning the house appeals more than playing with paper, something is wrong.  Does this ever happen to you?  If so, what do you do about it? 

I've got my usual tricks:  reading blogs, watching YouTube videos, surfing Pinterest and remaking something someone else has done.  But I think my favorite is shopping.  I just love shopping for new supplies (as evidenced by my craft room), but there's a pretty limited selection here in town so I'm forced to look online for a lot of my supplies. So today, when I couldn't really find my mojo, I noticed that Simon Says Stamp was running a 20% off sale on their branded products (use code "Twenty" through 11:59 EST on 6/8). I found some things I like and have wanted for a while, put them in my cart, got all the way to the checkout and stopped.  I still don't know why.  I know that each of things I picked out are things I will love to play with and am excited to play with, but I just stopped.  So weird.

But, maybe just the act of shopping did the trick.  I started playing with my Art Impression watercolor stamps and Distress Markers.  Just as I finished a panel, I heard the buzz of the dryer.  So I set the panel aside and headed off to fold some more laundry. When I got back, I discovered that I must have set the panel on a slight angle because some of the water ran and pooled, ruining part of the design.  Grrrrrr.....  After thinking about tossing the whole thing, I decided I would try to save it by covering the puddled ink with a banner with a sentiment stamped from the Inkadinkado All Occasions set on some watercolor paper.  I then matted it with a pop of red and then used a pre-made card base in a swirl pattern.  I'm not sure it's totally successful, but maybe it will grow on me and hopefully my mojo will return.

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