Sunday, June 8, 2014

Catching Up with Project Life

I got a bit behind with Project Life last year when I did the big 50 year anniversary project to give to my parents.  One of these days, I'll post those layouts, but I think I'm still in recovery.  I think I did something like 50 layouts in 30 days.  For some people that might not be a big deal, but, for me, that's like doing a whole year's worth of layouts in a month.  Craaazzzyyyy!  So I spent the beginning of the year catching up Project Life.

Part of what made it easier to catch up was that I joined the Project Life kit club at Citrus Twist Kits.  It's fun to open the kit every month and it seems faster and easier to put my weekly layouts together when I stick to using the papers and embellishments in the kits plus my stamps and die cuts. I was so happy to get all those months finished up in and in my book, but as I was putting away pages this weekend, I realized I hadn't shared anything recently.  So today I'm sharing some of my recent pages.  (Yes, I know there is a blank pocket in the first page below, it isn't blank in my book, just in this picture).


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