Monday, January 20, 2014

Bead Making Video

My friend Toni sent me a beautiful bracelet she made and so when I found a YouTube video showing how to make Pandora-style beads, I sent her a link.  Today while I was home on Martin Luther King Jr. Day putting together a new organizer when I received a Facebook instant message from her asking if heat embossing is really as easy as the video make it look.  Well, I've heat embossed tons of things over the years (to the point where I have worn out a heat gun or two), but I've never done a bead.  So I wasn't sure just how easy that would be.
On another subject, I've also watched a ton of how-to videos on crafting and have thought about doing some of my own.  I've even bought a tripod and larger card for my camera to do them, but haven't really tried it out.  So it occurred to me, why not try out the bead making and test out my willingness to do something on camera? 
Here you go, my first attempt at a how-to video. 
Here's a closer shot of the bead.  I was surprised how hard it really was and if I had added the core from the video and finished it off when the glue, I could see how it would work as a bead in a bracelet. 

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Sjorover said...

thank you so much, Kirsten! I think I can do that when I'm ready to branch out from making bracelets to making beads.

you did a great job on this video!