Sunday, September 23, 2012

Inspired by Pinterest: the Bird's Revenge? - Updated

We have cats and that means, occasionally, they catch a bird.  If I'm lucky, all I ever see of it is the feathers.  Otherwise the hubby has to take care of things.  Now I like birds and it makes me sad to see the cats catch one of them.  But personally, I think that any bird that is dumb enough to fly into a backyard cat enclosure patrolled by five cats is probably asking for trouble.  Maybe the cats are just doing the bird gene pool a favor by weeding out those too dumb to ensure their own survival.

Anyhoo, I probably don't help the situation by the fact that I plant flowers that birds like and I do keep some bird feeders.  Of course, all the bird feeders are posted quite high on the kitty prison enclosure walls such that the birds should pretty much be safe.  Plus the main feeder is on the outside of the enclosure where I can see it from my craft room (you know, where we found Tigger when the little Houdini was escaping the kitty prison enclosure).  Just behind the feed is this amazing bay "tree" that's  probably ten feet tall easy.  So when I saw this idea for bird seed "ornaments" on Pinterest and hopped over to the blog eighteen25 for the recipe, I thought they would be perfect hung on the bay leaf tree.  So I made hubby get me some gelatin today, added the birdseed and filled my cutters.   I tried both a plastic one (pumpkin) and two metal ones. So far, I like the metals ones better.

My favorite, of course, is the kitty.  I just love the irony that the birds will be eating the kitty.  Perhaps it's just a bit of poetic justice of the tasty kind?  So after waiting overnight for them to dry, I learned a little something.  They don't work for cutters with small spaces, such as the kitty's tail, which completely fell apart when I was trying to unmold it.  But, they are still kind of cute gracing my bay tree.

Of course since I was puttering around outside of the enclosure, Smoke had to come whine about being in it.  You can see how he gets as close as he can possible get in the enclosure to where I was hanging the bird feeders. 
So then I, of course, had to come take his picture while he whined that he was on the wrong side of the enclosure. 

And in true monkey see, monkey do fashion, Chewie had to come sit waiting for the enclosure door to open.

Update: here is it barely 24 hours later and I'm sitting in my craft room watching four birds eat the bird seed.   So far, they pretty much like the loose stuff I poured on the ground.  They've been chasing each other around and enjoying their treats.  What a delight to watch!

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Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

Great pic of the kitties...and perhaps so the bird are the brightest flying into the path of a kitty. I like your homemade seed shapes. I just finished making homemade dog bones. What a great idea project for a group of kids or senior adults or me...I act like both groups..haha