Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Aunt Margie!

Today is my aunt Margie's birthday.  I won't say how old she is because no one believe me anyway because she looks at least a good 15 years younger than she really is.  I'm just ever so happy to have her in my life and I love even more that I got to spend some time with her today.  I met up with her and my cousin Teresa at my parents' house where we had a little crafting to do.  They are on their way to the Happiest Place on Earth soon.  Earlier this year,  I had bought some autograph book kits for them at the Boxer Scrapbooks warehouse sale but we never got around to getting together to do that.  So it was pretty much now or never. 

Neither of them do a lot of paper crafting so it was great that we had kits to use as the starting point and that didn't stop us from having a good time.   In a very short period of time, we went from paper to book (and they are mighty cute books at that):

So now, on to my gift for my aunt Margie.  I seem to have gotten into a bit of a vinyl kick.  Maybe it's just that I've been able to find acrylic tumblers that don't cost an arm and a leg lately, but I had a bit of fun cutting out this cute Pooh design I found online. 
The card I gave her is one I made a while back and featured on my blog here.  It's been hanging on my "card line" on the wall for a while because it's my favorite that I've made so far.  Just something about it really spoke to me. 
Well now I have a little time to craft before the hockey game starts.  Hmmm... what should I work on?

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Anonymous said...

Thank you! Kirsten, for helping Teresa and me make the cute books for the twins. It was fun and glad we got to spend the day together! We need to plan more girls crafting days this winter. Love. Aunt Margie