Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Zoey and Teresa!

Today is Zoey's 19th birthday! 

I cannot believe we are celebrating 19 years.  Where as the time gone?  I would also love to go back to her original vet who said that she probably wouldn't have a normal life expectancy.  I guess the vet was right in one sense:  it's definitely longer than expected!  I used the age calculator on Catster.  Well, actually, I couldn't use the chart because it didn't go that high, so I had to do the math.  It's 24 human years for the first 2 cat years and then 4 human years for every cat year thereafter.  So that makes her 96 in human years!  I guess I'm going to stop questioning every time she walks a little slowly or seems a little stiff after a long nap.  At that age, that definitely seems to be expected.  So happy birthday to my sweet girl. 

It's also my cousin Teresa's birthday and so I thought I would share with you the card and tumbler I made her.  She's a big fan of Mickey so I knew I had to do something Disney themed.  I loved this Mickey Mouse Club svg I found and knew it was perfect.  So I made a quick background from the Sizzix dotted flower rings embossing folder and some washi tape from Queen and Company then added the svg cut out on my Cameo.
For the gift, I found this red acrylic tumbler.  Then in the Silhouette Design Studio, I welded three circles together in the iconic mickey shape.  I then added her name in Walt Disney font and cut it out in black vinyl.  It's perfect for her and helps set the stage for her upcoming trip to the big D.  So happy birthday Teresa!

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Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

Ohhhhh, I'm so sorry I missed the birthday. Haha...boy was that vet wayyyyyyy off. 19 years....could that be a record????? Enjoyed your Mickey Mouse card....I too love my Cameo.