Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Window card

A week ago I came home early from work because I had a killer sinus migraine. I get them from time to time, particularly when the weather starts going through rapid changes (90 degrees to 60 degrees in two days). Most of the time, they are a pain (literally) but I can make it through work and then come home to sleep it off. So I thought I could make it through the whole day at work, but it quickly became quite clear that wasn't in the cards for me. At least not if I wanted to make it through the day with my dignity somewhat intact. So I hung in there until my meeting were over and then dear Hubby drove me home - have I mentioned before how fabulous it is that we work in the same building - and I took some decongestants and went to bed. Now the bad part is that I drift in and out of consciousness with these. I sleep for a little and then wake up for a little, but can't really move without making my head feel like it's going to explode. So while I waited for the meds to kick in, I started up an episode of Scrapbook Memories on the DVR. Now I've seen most of these so if I drift off, no problem. Also, with the DVR, who cares anyway, I can just rewind it. Which I did about five times that afternoon always waking up with the end credit music started. I would rewind the show and be out a few seconds later again (wouldn't it be nice if I could just turn the TV off? But no, I freak out if the TV isn't on). I don't remember much about the episode but I have had this crazy urge to make a window card ever since (not surprisingly I've since learned they did a window card on that episode). So here is my simple window card I made using two different Fiskars stamps that DaisyMae Maus sent me. The first is the tower of gift boxes that came with a stamp set to be used with Fiskars Push and Print Stamp Factory and the second is the birthday greetings that goes with the Fiskars Continuous Stamp Wheel. I then colored in the words "Happy Birthday" and "Enjoy" in pink (again my photography sucks because you can't really see that all that well in the picture) and used my Stampin' Up set to punch the little box of holes around the window. It was a pretty quick card to put together, but at least I've conquered that urge to make a window card and can move on to other things now.

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