Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'm ready to go...

Yes, I'm all ready for our second try at a girls' camping weekend. The RV is packed and my craft stuff is ready to go in the truck tomorrow. This time I'm taking two days off work and boy can I use the break. I have worked extremely hard the last few days and have managed to actually clear a bunch of stuff off my desk. Whoo hoo! Between the hard work at work and the hard work at home, I'm sooooooo ready for a long weekend of crafting, TV, girl time and wine. I was just cleaning up the mess I had made of craft room when packing when Matt called that I had to come see this. Yes, that's our dear Chewie making it clear that the crafting stuff is not going anywhere unless she comes with! Really, I can't believe what an amazing job dear hubby did to get it all organized. Whoo hoo! This is going to be fun.

P.S. Just wanted to say a little prayer for all my blog and real world friends on the East Coast who were affected by today's earthquake. I hope you are all safe and sound. It was shocking because I didn't know anything about it (okay so I confess that when I'm at work, I'm pretty isolated and don't usually hear any world type events until the evening - in other words, I'm completely out of the grapevine and I like it that way). But I had an 11 a.m. conference call that's a nationwide call. The first thing everyone was asking was if everyone was okay, what the damage had been and how far away people had felt the aftershocks. (It's funny how close you can get to people when you have two or three conference calls together each week.) Most of the states were on the call and we were able to reassure ourselves that our motley crew was okay. But I know that it was pretty scary for a few of them because they aren't used to these. But then, I'm not either and I don't want to be... Anyhow, take care all you out there.

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Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

Thanks for the concern....yup...I felt it. At first I thought I was going crazy. Then I started yelling up to my son in his room thinking he was playing around in his room. He gets home early from school now that he's a senior. My husband had already left to go back to work after having a nice lunch with us. Now we are battening down the hatches watching Hurricane Irene to hit this weekend. I'm in SC. Have a wonderful trip.....awesome you are taking all these craft things on you little break....have a wonderful time. Did you tell Chewie she wasn't taking this trip?