Sunday, May 1, 2011

What a week...

Wow, I can't believe how much is going on this week. I returned from our "girls' night" camping trip of watching hours of Real Housewives of OC and Survivor with a little wine and a little card making with my sis, and found I had absolutely no energy to do anything. I couldn't even find the energy to listen to the Winterhawks playing their play off games in Spokane. I was pretty much work, work out, dinner, bed, repeat.

But I did find the energy to order tickets for Saturday night's home game and enjoy some pictures that my co-worker sent me of her granddaughter. You see, Bethany had to do a research project for school and she chose Pocahontas. Joyce mentioned it and I told her I had access to the Dreams Come True cart for my Cricut, so I agreed to cut a Pocahontas for Bethany to use on her visual aid. Then Joyce mentioned that she needed to return some letters to the office supply store because she needed bigger ones to spell out Pocahontas' name. Well of course I offered to cut the name from cartridge too. While I was at it, I'll cut some corn for her display too using "L" letter from the Speaking of Fall cartridge. As a thank you, I received a great little card that Bethany drew me and some pictures of her in her costume (which you can't hardly see in this one but is adorable). The only bad thing is that Bethany is so nervous about giving her presentation that the usually quite happy little girl could not bring herself to smile. Too cute anyhow and she did a great job on her school work (let's hope the teacher gives her a good grade!).

It just really had been a trying week. So my boss suggested that I take a few hours for myself. So I took Thursday afternoon off thinking I'd finally go see one of the movies that hubby doesn't like or want to see that are out in the theater. Well, no such luck, turns out I got to spend the afternoon at the doctor's office to get an antibiotic for the infection that's likely the reason I had no energy all week. (By the way, just when did I get old? I swear that doctor I saw couldn't have been older than 12!)

So now I have more energy and was able to come to the realization that despite buying a big house years ago intending to have kids, it's just not going to happen. I'm not saying that I've completely given up on trying to get pregnant. I'm just saying that it's now more painful to walk by the one room I still haven't done anything with (turned bedroom #2 into my craft room and bedroom #3 into my gym, hubby gets the family room with the big old TV so he doesn't care what I do with any of the rest of the rooms) because I was hoping to decorate it as a nursery than to finally just give in and decorate it as the guest room it is.

The big challenge is that it has this rose colored carpet. It's in good condition so I just can't bring myself to rip it out, it's just that, well, it's pink carpet. But the reality is that our guests usually are women: my sister, my cousin, his sister... So I decided to try to incorporate the color and let the room be a little feminine, but try to keep it in check. To tone down the rose carpet, I decided to go with grey walls. So out came the paint chips that I stuck to the wall with double-sided tape. Of course the one Matt liked was the darkest of them all and all I could think was "it's going to be so dark in here." Maybe that isn't such a bad thing considering how much light that room gets. So then I found this beautiful grey comforter set for the guest bedroom and, wouldn't you know it, Matt's paint chip was the right color and tone to coordinate.

I tried to tell Matt he has to stop when I get thinking about a "project" but he just said, "You are happiest when you have a project so why would I stop you." Sure enough, yesterday I moved out all the furniture except the bed and did a little cleaning, then taped off all the trim. Then, off to the hockey game last night. Halfway through the game, I was sure they were going to lose. They were playing like they wanted to lose. But then they got a little fire in them and the crowd went wild. After a few really good attempts, they finally scored and the place was so loud that you couldn't even hear the "goal" music to cheer along in time. That was it. The team started playing like they meant it and they won the game. So now we are are at 3-2 in the series with another game tomorrow and game 7, if necessary (say a little prayer it won't be), on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, today I climbed the ladder and painted the room with that "hi-def" paint they've been advertising on TV that can cover stripes in one coat. All I can say is "one-coat coverage" my a$$. I was covering white walls with a silvery grey paint and it still took two coats. You can ask my snoopervisors. Seriously, I don't think I had been painting for two minutes before Smoke and Chewie came in to see what I was doing and get in the way.

I then tried painting it on a canvas I have that's been triple primed. Still took two coats, those false advertisers! So anyhow, now I have to go take off the tape (tried that new frog tape, we'll see how that does) do a good vacuuming, then clean the carpet in there. We'll put the bed back in place and I'll start work on the desk that I want to repaint to go with the new colors.

I'm also trying to cover the gold parts of the light fixture with silver paint, but that doesn't seem to be working, so maybe I'll just have to break down and buy the cute little chandelier I saw at Lowe's yesterday. I'm working on an art project and I think I'm going to do a saying or something on one of the walls, but I'm not 100% sure yet. I'll post pictures on the progress and the snoopevising later since I left the camera upstairs and now I'm too tired to crawl up there to get it.


DaisyMae Maus said...

Cool! I can't wait to see the room! It sounds lovely!

The Fuzz Factory said...

You've been so busy! The Pocahontas board looks great...and I hope your friend can deal with nervousness so public speaking isn't hard for her.

The bedroom sounds beautiful. I'm sorry that it comes at the cost of a dream.