Monday, March 31, 2008

Thank you DaisyMae Maus

We got presents from DaisyMae Maus. Mom got a Tony Stewart bear that she loves very much and we got.... a catnip banana! We immediately gave it the furball seal of approval by batting it around the kitchen floor, bunny kicking it and stealing it from one another. Cha-Ching even gave it the meezer seal of approval by rubbing his face all over it and licking it repeatedly. It's definitely a well appreciated gift. Daddy even got a present today - a new video game that Mom bought him off Ebay. Well that's two new games in as many weeks. She's sure to be an Xbox widow for at least another week. Good thing she's got lots saved on TIVO and a cross-stitch she's working on...

In other news, there isn't much to say. It's been pretty quiet since Mom took the temporary job change a month ago. She has an interview for the permanent position on Wednesday. She's pretty torn because she misses her fridays off (and we miss having her home in the afternoons on fridays) and doesn't like the extra hours but loves the pace of the new job. It's very busy and always something different. She says she's in the best position of all because if she gets the new position it will be nice to have a promotion, be a real "manager," have a little extra money (actually her per hour wage will probably go down, but her in the bank account money will go up) and make a difference on a larger scale instead of a case by case basis, but if she doesn't, she can go back to her old job with it's sane, normal schedule, comp time, job security and real person-to-person contact with people who need help. Either way she's a winner, winner, chicken-dinner and still has about two weeks of time to take off by July 1.

We still haven't gotten the box from HP to send this stupid computer back. About the only way to see the screen is to turn up the brightness to the maximum level and turn off all the lights in the room (good thing we can type by touch), so for now it makes computer work pretty difficult. Mom's been looking at new computers but is frustrated that this one is only a year old so she shouldn't have to be looking at computers again yet. Anyway, we'll blog when we can (when it's dark outside and Mom hasn't fallen asleep yet - that's another thing about the new job - she's tired ALL the time).


Sparky Fuzzypants said...

Oh, YAY! We're so glad that the 'nip 'nana arrived safe an' sound. The lady in the bloo shorts at the letters place was furry concerned about the smell from inside the envelope. Mom 'splained that it was a 'nip 'nana, but the lady was pretty skeptical. Stupid lady.

Mom said that your momma would do the right thing with choosin' whether to take the job permanently or not.

Good luck with the new computer ... perhaps a new feather-weight Macintosh???

Happy 'nip-sniffin'!
Sparky Fuzzypants

Cheysuli and gemini said...

I am glad things are going so well for your person. And what fun you are having with your gift from Daisy Mae Maus!

Daisy said...

Those nip bananers are the greatest!

Anonymous said...

That looks like a fun toy I must ask mom to get me one now....Bye

Anonymous said...

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