Saturday, September 1, 2007

Remembering, computer time and other random thoughts

Remembering: It's been such a hard week losing so many good Catblogosphere friends and remembering others who have passed before us. I talked to Mommy about it and she says that it is hard. She still misses McKenzie a lot but she's happy to remember all the good times she had with him and wouldn't give up a moment of those despite the pain of losing him. It's just all part of the circle of life.
This week's theme is dirty and I knew right away the perfect pictures. They're from right after Easter this year. Chewie and Smoke came in from the backyard where they had rolled in the chalk designs Mommy's nieces Hallie and Rayna made.

Mommy thought it was funny but gave them a bath anyway. They didn't think the bath was funny.

Other Stuff: By the way, we didn't get to blog yesterday because Daddy got a new computer game and was hogging the computer. Bad Daddy! But he made it up to us today and got us a new kitty tower for the family room. The furballs and Cha-Ching have been happily climbing it all afternoon. Daddy also got some new fishies for the pond. Chewie is trying to talk him into to putting in the fish tank that he keeps talking about. Apparently she's ready to try her paw at fishing.
Sunday, September 2nd is Luxor's 1st blogoversary. Stop by and congratulate him on this milestone.

Also, we got to try Greenies for the first time yesterday. We read so many kitties that like them that we pestered Mommy to get some. I don't care for them. I like my Beef Temptations (although Mommy bought the beef-flavor Greenies today to see if I'll like those better). The furballs, however, are big Greenies fans now. Cha-Ching still didn't care for them, but he doesn't like Temptations either. I guess there's no accounting for taste in that one.

Speaking of the little meezer, his little crush appears to be turning into a little romance. Apparently our fair Juliet has an eye for him too. I must say that boy works fast, even if he's a little shy and tongue tied.

Finally, Mommy's Mommy and Daddy left today on their cruise and won't be back for a couple weeks. Mommy's a little blue to see them go because that means no Friday-morning trips to the casino to lose her $20 while Daddy's working for at least a few weeks. Maybe with her extra time I can get her to make me new chair covers for the chairs on the front patio. Get to work on it woman!


Lux said...

Those pictures are funny with the chalk all over Chewy & Smoke! Once Mom got us Greenies but none of us liked them either.

Thanks for being first to wish me a Happy Blogoversary!

Benjamin Fuzz said...

we're temptation fans here...

sounds like you've been busy at your place. with your grandparents out of the way for a bit, maybe you'll get to blog more.

lucy: maybe cha-ching could teleport over some evening? mom would chaperone.

Daisy said...

Those are some dirty kitties! Hahahahaha!

I like Greenies, but nothing is as good as Temptations.

caricature said...

What cute and funny pictures ~ I love them :)

Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

When I was little I didn't like any treats at all or nip either. When I got older I started liking Temptations. Greenies used to be a big hit until we discovered Temptations....