Friday, January 17, 2014

Finally Satisfied

The third time is definitely the charm.  While I was happier with my second version, I had pieces for a third try on my desk simply calling my name:  "Try again ... try again ..."   So I played with a couple of different colors of Distress Ink on some scrap paper and decided to switch the embossing up with Tumbled Glass.  This time I also ended up with a more subtle streaking on the paper.  I'm not sure if was just working a little faster, the change in color or I used less or more pressure, or a combination of all those factors, but I really liked how the background came out this time. It's a nice subtle texture to the card.  Then I did pretty much all the same things I had done on version two, but I used shorter pieces of baker's twine so I had to do a lot less fiddling to bring it all together.  When I had it finally all together, I was finally very pleased with the result. 

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