Monday, August 12, 2013

Fight Like a Girl - Inspired by Julie Davidson's Herringbone Faux Quilt Technique

I learned just before I left for Denver that another program manager in my office has cancer, which is just inconceivable considering there are only five of us, well four following the recent death of another co-worker.  I wanted to make a card to let her know I'm pulling for her.  Coincidentally while I was in Denver, the Stamps of Life released their new sets, including ribbon4cure.  I had to call the hubster to give my my club code because I wanted the set right away and didn't want to wait to order it when I got home. 

Strangely enough though, on Saturday I simply didn't feel like spending any time in my craft room.  At first I thought it was the headache caused by the air pressure that led to Saturday's crazy thunder and lightning show.  But yesterday, I realized that it went farther than that when the hubster and I both came up sick.  I spent all day yesterday in bed watching a marathon of "Under the Dome."  I even e-mailed in sick today because my throat was on fire and I was running a temp.  But by 2 p.m., I had to get out of bed.  I just could NOT lay there any longer, but I also found out that I have no energy to do anything else either.  I managed to stumble up the street to the mail box. But by the time I got back (seriously the mail box is one house away) and sorted through the mail and unpacked the new Sodastream that arrived, I was exhausted.  So then it was break time in the chair for more cuddling with Smoke and some crafty TV.  That's where I saw the video by the Stamps of Life announcing the new set ribbon4cure that had arrived in the mail that I picked up earlier that day.  From the video, I learned that all the profits of this stamp set go to the Susan Komen foundation and that the pink of the stamp is special for this limited release.  Now that I had bit of a nap and some inspiring information about my new set, I went into my craft room and made this card based up a video showing the herringbone faux quilt technique posted by Julie Davidson today.  I just used strips of the Lively 6x6 paper pad from Authentique to make the herringbone pattern.  I matted it on another piece of paper from that pad and made the banner from a strip from that same pad.  The sentiment from the new set was stamped on with Chocolate Chip Stampin' Up ink and then folded over to resemble a banner before I adhered it with pop dots. 
The inside was stamped with the large ribbon in Spun Sugar Distress Ink and the sentiment stamped on top of it with the same Chocolate Chip Stampin' Up ink.  

And that's all the energy I have tonight.  I'm going to bed.

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Feebsy said...

I'm sorry to hear your colleague is ill. Your card is beautiful I'm sure it will really give her a boost as she'll know how much you're thinking of her.

I wanted to thank you for kind comment over on my blog. It means a lot to know someone can empathise with how I feel and to know I'm not alone with my experiences. I hope that you are recovering from the illness you've had. Make sure you keep resting and get plenty of kitty love.