Sunday, April 21, 2013

Week 16

I thought all week about how to include the events in Boston in my layout for the week.  I didn't really want to include pictures from the event, but I knew this week wouldn't be complete without it.  It wasn't until we were walking out of the hockey game on Friday night that it all fell in place.  As we emerged from the Coliseum, I saw the flag flying at half mast and knew immediately that was the picture I wanted.  It represents what I want to remember from the event, not the horror of what happened, but the beauty that rose out of the aftermath as strangers took time to help another and showed us the better side of humanity.

I actually started with the journalling first.  Once I was done, I started really putting the rest of it together and realized I needed more red on the left to balance out the big block of red on the right, but I didn't have any more of that red paper and nothing else in the Basic Grey paper pad seemed to work.  So I pulled the picture off and cut out the red paper behind it.  I laughed as I was doing it because I just listened to Shimelle talk about about doing that on the Paperclipping Roundtable.  I was grateful to know I wasn't the only one who has been desperate enough for some paper to pull apart a layout to cut out a hidden piece.


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