Sunday, April 14, 2013

Week 15

Wow, week 15 is over and I have the base layouts done for it, but this week I need an insert because there were a couple of birthdays I really want to highlight this week.  So that will come later, but I'm sharing the base layout now, which I made with the Basic Grey Fact and Fiction lines.

A thought struck me today as I put this one in the book and looked back over these last fifteen weeks, I think this is the most I have documented in our lives in a consistent way.  Sure I have scrapbook pages I've made, but this is more comprehensive than anything I've done in the past and I'm really loving it even though today it didn't seem to come together as easily as previous weeks. I found myself doing other things today like making eight breakfast sandwiches, five omelets, a quiche, a casserole and banana muffins with lemon icing.  So now the freezer is stocked for quick breakfasts for work days again.  I also surfed Pinterest for hours, watched the Factory (love John Cusack movies!), and some B-grade TV movies, but I did manage to finish the layout.

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Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

I'm enjoying your weekly round up. I use to do a monthly quick writing and then at the end of the year, round up each paragraph on the year (sorta an anniversary page. This worked for about 5 years and then the baby came, working on Masters at night, and life got in the way. There wasn't scrapbooking per se as today. I wish I had stayed with it. It's fun to go back to those beginning years and read them because we forgot about things. Kudos to you on your journey and mission.