Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hubby's New Thermos

For Christmas, the hubster and I received these great new Thermos bottles from my parents.  We got hooked on how wonderful they are during our vacation earlier this year.   It's amazing how well they work.  But having two alike in the same house means that I needed to do something so we can identify whose is whose. I asked the hubster what he wanted and he pointed to a scrapbook page about our first trip in our RV hanging on my wall and said he would like something like this:

Well, of course, I could quite do that, but with the help of a great download from the Silhouette Design Studio, I was able to make this (he also wanted the silhouette of the fisherman):


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Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

This is like waaaaay cool. You know it was you and one other person that got me wanting to do more vinyl. I did a fish for a friend on his tall glass. It broke last week and he's hinting around .. More than happy to oblige....thank you for all the inspiration!