Wednesday, October 24, 2012

More Vinyl

Do you remember the post from a while back where I made a mickey cup for my cousin's birthday?  Well, she took it on their recent trip to the big D and someone stole it right from the stroller! With her personalized name and everything!  Can you believe that? 

Fortunately, I still had a red cup on hand, so I made her a replacement.  But I had to make it just a little bit better to make up for the loss. I made another mickey head with her name in it. I guess I should have saved my file from before.  It would have saved me the trouble of making a new one.  I used the car decal I had cut for my Mom for the other side.  That file I had saved.  But a couple of cuts later and some clear contact paper to save the little bits from the heavier use that cups see and it was all ready to go.