Thursday, September 6, 2012

The last onesie

Well, it's not what I originally had planned, which was a cute little strawberry design.  But I didn't have enough red rhinestones.  Hubby was sweet enough to take me to the store to get some more, but standing there looking at the rhinestones all I could think about was how tired I am.  So I picked up a pre-made iron-on design.  It feels a bit lot like cheating, but I think I need the sleep more than to do it completely myself.  So here's the last design and I'm ever so thrilled to have it all done.
Update on Tigger:  Turns out that he didn't get out through an open door, the little Houdini was over the fence again last night and we had to chase him to get him back into the enclosure.  Hubby came home from work tonight and he was over the fence again.  So tonight, there was a whole lot of trimming going on in the back yard.  All the trees and bushes were trimmed up nice and tight and the fence was reinforced after a neighbor mentioned seeing a cat in the fence.  So after all his hard work, Hubby was relaxing on the deck enjoying the cool of the evening when lo and behold Tigger starts climbing a tree all the way to the top.  But now, he can't jump the fence and had to drop back down in the yard again.  I think we may have solved the mystery and the problem all in one! 

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