Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New projects

I've been gone over a week off the blog twice now in the last month and half and you may be asking yourself:  "What has she been up to?"  Okay, so you probably aren't, but I'm going to share with you anyhow.  Well, I discovered that without internet I can still make cards and layouts, but it's simply not possible for me to do that without a computer.  Every time I tried, I found myself stumped about how to get around something I use the computer for, like cutting something with my Cameo or re-sizing a picture. 
So primarily I've been working on redoing our deck and deck furniture.  Hubby and I washed it and re-stained/sealed it.  Unfortunately we ran out of the sealer product with three boards to go.  Yes, just three. And, of course, they don't sell that product here anymore.  So we had to switch and do all the board all over again.  But, it works very well now.  Water just beads up on the boards.  You can see the color in the project below.

I also spray painted the old glider on our deck and the little bistro table.  Then I sewed new slipcovers for the cushions and accent pillows.  Of course, then we found a fabulous outdoor dining set.  The finish almost perfectly matches the spray paint I had picked (yeah!) but the red seat cushions aren't exactly what I would have picked from my new green and blue striped glider cushions.  But, oh well, I just adore the new table and we've used it to dine al fresco several times already.

It's amazing how much time a project like that can take (especially when you use one of the new texture sprays - and plan to use A LOT of cans of spray paint).  So the other project I really had time to work on was a new applique quilt I just couldn't resist.  Now I've never appliqued in my life so I've been intimidated to try it out, but so far, I'm finding it kind of fun.  We'll see if the final product looks good.

So then the last thing was the re-do of my craft room.  I posted pictures the other night, but after sitting back and looking at it, I wasn't really happy with how it looked above the counter, because it looked somewhat lopsided.  So the last couple of days, I've spent time reorganizing and planning a little construction project for the hubby.  But before we commit to building some custom shelves, I want to play in my room for a while to see what I really think I need. 

Okay, I know it's been a long post, but I just have to add these photos of the gorgeous flowers blooming in our yard.  I love this time of year!

Our hostas:
The clematis:

The last of the calla lillies:

The daylillies:

And our geraniums:

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Anonymous said...

I like your new cover for your glider.....I'm proud of you, Kirsten. Now you can do your Aunties since you have
The practice! and the know how.