Monday, January 16, 2012

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming..

Since we had a long weekend for the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, we decided to go camping. Because the forecasters mentioned the possibility of snow at lower elevations, we decided to head to the coast rather than the mountains. The perfect thing about needing to make a baby sweater is that it's much easier to pack the supplies when going camping than taking supplies to make cards or layouts. In fact, I was able to finish not one, but two sweaters over our three day trip. I found this quick and easy pattern on Lion Brand yarn's website and was able to use some yarn leftover from other projects. I must confess that I did not crochet the entire time. Mom and Dad came over to visit for a while and have a lovely lunch. After they left, I crocheted while we watched a DVD. Then, on Sunday, Matt and I hiked some of the trails (even in a little bit of falling snow) to the local brewery and back. Then while Matt and Chewie napped, I crocheted the second sweater.

I just had to get a picture of them napping in similar positions: But then it started snowing. No problem because we were toasty warm in the RV, but as you can see from the foot prints, I did have to run out to clean off the satellite dish. That was pretty cold on the feet, but worth it.

But I must confess I was a little nervous for the drive home. We rarely get snow so people drive like idiots in it. Plus the RV isn't the easiest to drive in the best of conditions and drivers rarely recognize that it will not stop on a dime or quickly get out of the way. But Matt's a great driver. Even though we saw several cars and trucks in the ditch, we made it home safely and I was able to get some great pictures. A little snow on the side of the road by the beach:

Some great waves:It snowed a bit while we were driving (have I mentioned that Matt's a great driver?)

But snow didn't keep people away from the casino (although it did make it a little hard to see):

We know that they plowed our side of the road and we did see this one heading toward the casino:

What's funny is that there was more snow at the beach than there was inland near our home, but it was still beautiful.

But I'm really happy to be safe at home with the RV unpacked and life back to normal, although it is still snowing outside, but it's not really sticking so I guess I have to get back to the grind tomorrow. Oh well. It was a lovely break.

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