Saturday, December 31, 2011

Customizing my Cameo

Wow, so the craziness of the holidays has finally past. The house is empty. All the guests have come and gone. My Christmas presents have been opened, set up or put away. I finally have time to do go back to my craft room and, yet, strangely today I just could not find my crafting mojo. I watched videos, tried to order a new cutting mat for my Cameo (but they are all sold out), read a few blogs, watched some chick flicks on Netflix, but could not seem to start the stack of thank you cards I need to finish up. But when I was reading Sandra's 365 Days of Cricut blog about her first Cameo project, I found the link to Monica Flores' blog Simply Cricuting. Now I've played with my Cameo for about two weeks now making etched glasses for co-workers and cutting out animals and other things for the nieces and nephew, but I haven't really had a lot of time to explore all it can do yet. So I love when others have tips, tricks and tutorials they can share and this one from Monica about personalizing the control panel on the Cameo really caught my attention. Even in my crafting funk, I just couldn't help but print and cut a panel to add some pizazz to my machine. What a great fun project. Maybe tomorrow I'll find more mojo to do some crafting. That is, after I've done my workout so I don't let down my team at work and eat the black-eyed peas that Lauren prepared for me so I would have good luck in 2012. I certainly hope it's better than 2011. So to all of you out there in the blogosphere, happy New Year!


Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

You left me hanging!!! This girl wants to know how to personalize MY Cameo...yours is really cool. I want mine to be cool too! Lol

Carolina Girl (Cely) said... bad..went to Monica's blog you mention and all the info is there. Yup, I thought it was outline for iPod too. Can not wait till tomorrow to try. Thanks for sharing yours and for the inspiration.