Sunday, November 20, 2011

A whole lotta cans!

What a fantastic day! A great, great, great end to the Chase with Tony Stewart winning the race to win the Chase.

But, even better, some very dear friends that I don't see often enough came over to craft for a while. They were making Christmas cards, but since I have mine done already, I thought I would work on this year's gifts for my co-workers. Fortunately none of them read my blog so I can share. Somewhere along the way I either lost two of the cans or maybe I didn't count right, but I need to run to the store to get to more and, of course, the candy to go them. But, yeah!, another project that's oh so close to being crossed off my list.

I also finished up a birthday present for my cousin and started another project, but, of course, those people read my blog, so I can't share.

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