Sunday, September 11, 2011

Scrapbuck Haul

Last Tuesday, I received an e-mail from Scrapbuck and saw this cute stamp set called Gem Stone Cats by Inkadinkado. I had not seen it before and certainly no store around here carries it (trust me, I own every cat thing that they do carry). So even though I've only purchased from them at scrapbooking shows, I decided to take advantage of their free shipping on orders $20 and over and did a little, well lot of, stamp purchasing since I couldn't believe how good their prices were. Then I was surprised at the prompt e-mail I received confirming my order and the follow-up e-mail for shipping/tracking. They really did ship in one day like they said they would. I'm always little leery of ordering online from a new company, but they delivered on their promises.

I was so excited to get this box the other night. So even though I was nursing a headache and should have just gone to bed, I had to open the box and this is what I found: and the whole reason I ordered: Gem Stone Cats!

Oh and a roll of foam "pop dot" type tape and a fun little acyclic stamp block that has a handle for easy stamping. I have one already but my mom saw it when they visited while we were camping a few weeks back and really liked it, so I ordered it for her. Now that I think about it, I should have ordered one for my sister and DaisyMaeMaus too. Hmm... maybe I'll give them a little time to re-stock and do some more shopping!

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