Saturday, September 24, 2011

Scrapbook Expo

I was so excited to go to Scrapbook Expo today. I had such a great time last year with my hubby's cousin Christie and her friends. Although this was a solo trip, I was so looking forward to shopping 'til I dropped. I look forward to this and the CKC each year to see new products, find some great buys and inspire me. So I excitedly printed my coupons and set off on my little adventure this morning. But it was sooooo small. There were hardly any vendors there. Honestly, I had shopped the whole vendor floor (twice) in an hour and a half, and that was not hurrying at all. But that didn't stop me from spending some money.

I found the usual: stamps, paper, embellishments, etc., but my favorite purchases this time were storage items. I stopped by Die Cut Dan's booth to buy some great storage for my Cricut cartridges. I had run out of room the shelf and was either looking at having to find a new location or some other solution. We gave my Mom some little boxes with inserts that hold cartridges for Christmas last year and I was thinking about going that route. But then I saw a different holder on the Internet that looked like the same style that the Cricut tools come in, but couldn't find it any store here to see if I would like it. But these little plastic cases were the perfect answer to my storage solution. Two of them held all my cartridges in less than half the space the boxes took up: Plus I think I can get another two cases on that shelf!

Then I found this stamp pad holder. I've been storing my stamp pads in a drawer and I find that I forget what I have and have to dig through the drawer to find the right one. This holder holds Stampin' Up pads perfectly and now I see my colors at a glance. It's perfect. Now I just have to figure out where I'm going to put it.

Oh, and one last thing. That little green box to the right of the stamp pad holder I also picked up at Dan's booth. It holds my Stickles perfectly, although I really should have bought two of them. I didn't realize how many bottles of Stickles I had. Anyhow, while I was a little disappointed at how few vendors were there, that won't stop me from still going to check it out if they come back this way. After all, the smallest vendor floor is still better than no vendor floor. There's plenty to be happy about with my storage finds and I still have one more day to play in my craft room before I have to go back to work, I found out today that Tony Stewart won last weekend when we had no satellite to watch the race (stupid tree blocking the satellite), Hubby took me to dinner and a movie (Contagion - wait for the DVD - the big screen isn't necessary and it's not worth the big screen ticket price) and the Hawks won tonight and are undefeated so far! So, all in all, it was a pretty good day.


*CAFE said...

Wow, quite the shopping spree! Aren't those cartridge cases great?! I have two, as well....and I love them! :0)

Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

I wish we had something sorta like what you had in a town close by and somehow I TOTALLY missed it and it got erase on my calendar. How could I have done that. I've heard a lot of show are getting smaller and smaller. I guess the economy is hurting a lot. Good for you the Dan's had lots of goodies and maybe good busy. I'm sure they were just as happy to see you there to want to buy. I only have 7 cartridges before I learned how to do many svgs my self, but have always wanted to get a hold of the critters cartridges...lots gosh darn cute. Those cases are awesome to hold your cartridges in such a small space.