Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fun card and crafting haul

I needed a thank you card for a co-worker who took care of straightening out my registration problems at my conference last week. Well, I was sitting in my conference doodling when I found inspiration in the panels on wall behind the speaker. They were very symmetrical and interesting to look at. That doodling inspired this card. I found a couple of images of lilies on the web. I replicated the one several times and then cut them out. I left a little of the white photo paper as a border and then mounted them all on a piece of black card stock, leaving just a little space for a ribbon. The sentiment on the inside says "Thank you to someone who is one of a kind." A very simple card to make, but it was lots of fun. I also want to share with you some pictures of my haul from shopping with my Mom and sister on Sunday. I picked up all these stacks of paper at TJ Maxx where were looking for clear acrylic cups (found two purple ones!)

The next two pictures have a mixture of Jo-Ann's and Michaels items. But I really have to point out that everything on this next picture is sitting on top of my new trimmer. Yes, I had to buy a new trimmer because my beloved Making Memories trimmer finally gave up the ghost after nearly five years. It probably would still be humming along but I managed to bend the blade trying to cut something I never should have been trying to cut in the first place. Needless to say, the replacement blades aren't available (sold out), so I bought a new one. I got a great deal because Michaels hadn't taken down the sale tag from last week so they honored the sale price and let me use my 25% off my purchase coupon too. Whoo-hoo and a big thanks to my mom for asking them if they would honor the tag. By the way, they also honored the tag that showed that the Cricut cartridges were on sale too so I bought my Campin' Critters cartridge too.

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In Love with a Bug said...

It looks like you had a good day shopping! I like how you duplicated the image and used one different one to add interest. Beautiful card. Melanie