Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Beans, corn, beets and pickles, oh my!

I'm oh so tired. I have pictures to upload of my crafting haul from last weekend, pictures of a couple of cards I've made and pictures I need to send to my cousin, but I'm just too tired to do it. It's canning season you see. So Monday after work we drove to my in-laws and picked beans. After enjoying a nice dinner with them, we didn't get home until late so it was straight to bed. Last night we came home and picked our own bean bushes then snapped and canned pints of beans, which should get us through to next year. Tonight we picked up some corn and pickling cucumbers (because I'm not sure mine are going to produce much of anything) after work and then came home to harvest about half of our beets. I also picked the blueberries (again - only one more picking I think). I finished cleaning the blueberries and bagged up the blueberries and raspberries I had frozen earlier on trays. Then it was skin the beets, cook the corn and prepare the jars. After a quick trip to two grocery stores for the dill I didn't have, we cooked up the pickling brine and filled the jars. Now I have a little bit of break while the pressure canner works on the corn and the water bath processes a batch of beets. I'm thinking we'll need to do some more corn and there will be a few more beets when the others finish growing. Sure I'm tired now, but it's all worth it when in January I'll be able to pull out good tasting veggies.

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