Monday, July 4, 2011

Cup crazy

Okay, so this is the last cup for a while. I've made four this weekend alone and gave my friend Glenda her Lakers emblem I made from a .jpeg on last week at the casino and then cut. Of course, I never could find a cup for it so she'll have to do that. Why is it that when you are looking for something the store never has it, but the minute you don't need that anymore, they are everywhere?

But I've been thinking about making one for my hubby ever since I ordered a big batch of vinyl off of Oh My Crafts. When I realized their mixed pack had yellow, orange and black, I knew there was a Tigger cup in Matt's future. You see, two years ago on August 1st, this little ball of fluff came bouncing down the freeway. We scooped him up, took him to the vet to be fixed up and he's been a part of the family ever since. He's a little skittery (well who wouldn't be after that kind of trauma) but he's a little love. Mostly though, he's really Matt's cat. He loves Matt and Matt loves him. So today I finally finished cutting out the bouncing Tigger from Mardenz and came up with the words "He's had us wrapped around his paw ever since he bounced into our lives" and cut them out in a circle. I learned a little while ago that if you have small cuts, it's best to put a clear overlay over them, so I cut that out of contact paper and covered the whole thing. Well, that's it for crafting today. The in-laws just invited us down for dinner so no more crafting. Good timing too, I just finished the laundry a few minutes ago. So happy Fourth everyone!

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The Fuzz Factory said...

kirsten, are the cups acrylic or glass? i've been seeing them around lately and can pick up a few if you like...