Saturday, June 18, 2011

Rare sight - Zoey playing!

At nearly 17 and 3/4 years of age, it's very rare to see Zoey playing. She has a pretty set routine of drinking water out of her cup in the bathroom, sleeping on the bed and coming downstairs usually only for dinner or when she wants some attention. For a while I really worried because she had lost so much weight and was arfing up food all over the place.

But lately, she's been more active. She's fought back instead of running away when she see another kitty. The other night she and Cha-Ching had a pretty good hissing match. But Zoey got back at him, I noticed last night she had arfed in his food dish! It's the first time she's arfed in a while and she's gained a little weight back. She finishes all her food again and, today, I caught her playing with catnip banana so I just had to grab some pictures.


DaisyMae Maus said...

I'm glad Zoey's doing well. I miss petting her and feeding her beef Temptations! I bought twelve bags of Temptations yesterday because Target had them at buy one-get one. I was very popular last evening! Your cards are really pretty. I'm visiting the sites you recommended and getting ideas. Still wish we lived closer and that the family computer hadn't died so I could have traveling money this break. Sigh.
Love to you and Matt!

Mark's Mews said...

I gotta say that I helped make LC more playful the last year she was here. She enjoyed it, I enjoyed it, and TBT was real happy. Its a great think of when the older kitty starts ta have fun again, fer whatever reason.