Thursday, May 5, 2011

Stayed home today

I'm sure I shocked all my co-workers by staying home today. Last night I started developing an awful sore throat and it just got worse all night. Add in some body aches, a little chill and some sneezes and I knew I was getting sick. I didn't sleep well and I have an incredibly busy schedule over the next couple of weeks so I just can't afford to be sick. So I thought I would stay home today a rest since it was pretty much the only day I could. I just did a quick little bit of work this morning when I was alerting everyone that I wouldn't be in today and quick conference call in the mid-morning. Other than that, I didn't do any work.

But it didn't take long for me to remember why I rarely take a sick day. Daytime TV pretty much sucks. I watched some DVR'd stuff and I took a couple of pretty good naps, but I get bored pretty easily. It's the bad kind of sick too: not so sick that you only want to lay in bed and sleep all day but sick enough that you don't have energy to do much. So when I wasn't napping, I did wander into my craft room. A few minutes here and a few minutes there with naps in between and I managed to finish a canvas for artwork for the guest bedroom.
Since the picture above doesn't really show the berries, I took a closeup:

And here's the pillow sham I took the pattern from:
You see I had this idea of replicating the pattern on the comforter into art and give it a little dimension. I had painted the canvas the other day with the same gray that's on the walls. Then today I drew on the pattern, painted it in and added flock to the paint to give it some dimension. When it was dry, I adhered circles of the really tacky double-sided tape to be the "berries" and coated the tape in diamond dust. It didn't take very long but it turned out pretty good for a novice.

Even more shocking, my manicure from Tuesday night is still chipless. I'm impressed. But now, I'm going to pack my stuff for tomorrow and Saturday's "National Scrapbooking Day" crops and go to bed.

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