Saturday, January 24, 2009

HP Sucks - Beware

A warning from the Furballs - Do not buy an HP product. Our computer that is less than two years old is not working for the forth time! We sent it back to HP because the screen is so dark it can't be read for the second time. Now that they have the computer, they are telling us that they won't fix it unless we send them $298 (about half the money we spent to buy the piece of &*$%!) even though they sent us e-mails twice saying that this repair would be free. They say the motherboard is bad and that's not covered by the warranty. Tell me, how does a motherboard go bad in less than one year????? HP's customer "service" sucks. Stay away, buy a Mac, IBM, or anything else, but don't buy HP! They don't stand behind their products.


Cheysuli and gemini said...

No, Apple doesn't have fantastic customer service any longer. In fact, if we didn't have so much stuff on the Mac side, we'd have dumped them long ago... They used to have the top of line service but now-eh.

LC and Ayla said...

We gave up on Windows an bought a Mac last Sepember!

Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

Please take IBM/Lenova off that "good" list. We have purchased 5 in the past year (for the company) and ONE has not died. ONE. Plus, the newest one was 30 days old when it died and they will only replace the parts so it will come back as a refurbished machine and not all brand new like it was. Don't even get us started...the AM is SOOOOOO mad. Oh yeah, and Apple is no better either. the Woman battled them last year. But what to do? There seem like no alternatives.


DaisyMae Maus said...

Mom has been a Macintosh user since September of 1989 ... Yes, when the first Macs were little beige boxes. Her school has moved to Dell, but Mom's a diehard Mac-ster! Macs are easy an' they work outta-the-box. Tell your 'rents to get a Mac so that you can blog!

Anonymous said...

I agree hp sucks. I bought an hp w2207 22inch monitor three HOURS ago from Staples. Hooked it up to my G4. Didn't work. Called tech support. Joseph told me that the monitor is NOT under warranty, and therefore he cannot help me.

I used to swear by hp, but now I swear at them.