Monday, August 11, 2008

Wildlife Saved!

We'll the bells finally worked. Well, not really. What worked is that Mommy went outside to let the furballs know it was dinner time. Smoke was hanging out at the neighbor's daylily bush. Mom went over to find out what was more interesting than stinky goodness and Temptations. Well, it turns out that really large, ugly bugs that make a hissing noise must be better because Smoke was more interested in this:

Yes, that is a quarter in the picture and, no, Smoke didn't get to eat or play with the bug anymore. Mommy made him come inside. Daddy thought the bug was really interesting. He said that they rarely ever get that large. Mommy said good and she would be happy never to have seen it in the first place. Daddy, however, was fascinated. He went out with the camera and got really close. Mommy made him come inside too (and leave the bug outside, as if I needed to add that clarification).

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DaisyMae Maus said...

GINORMOUS! Eeeewwwww ... Mom isn't a fan of those bugs, either.