Sunday, January 27, 2008

Seven Random Fact About Me

I was tagged for this meme by my friend Halloween. I think I've done it before so I'll spill the beans on the furballs:

1. Cha-Ching is wildly attached to his good buddy Smoke. Okay so you probably already knew this from all the pictures of them practically glued together, but did you know that Cha-Ching will actually wander from room to room looking and calling out for his buddy if Smoke has gone off on his own?

2. Also on that vein, Smoke has taken to sleeping under the covers between Mommy and Daddy. Not to be separated from his buddy but also ensure speedy get away, Cha-Ching has taken to laying on on the covers on TOP of Smoke. Poor Smoke. He gets scrunched.

3. Chewie is very prissy. She HAS to be brushed every morning. When Mommy and Daddy get ready for the day, Chewie goes into the bathroom with them and gets on the counter and tells them it's time for her brushing. Chewie has her own brush and loves to brush her own face. She's so girlie that last week she even got into Mommy's lotion too. Chewie also loves to steal Mommy's brush blushes and is so infatuated with their toothbrushes that Mommy is considering getting her one of her own.

4. Although Gandalf comes across as very aloof, he is really a big softie. Every night he has to get on the bed and get a tummy rub from Daddy. Oh and did I mention that he cries out like a girl if he gets lonely?

5. Smoke actually likes being handled by Mommy's nieces. Unlike Cha-Ching and I who are smart enough to go hide and Chewie and Gandalf who tend to keep their distance too, Smoke lets them pick him up and carry him around and rarely complains.

6. The furballs like to bring in bits of wood from outside. Mommy rarely discovers them until she steps on them at inconvenient times. It's really funny.

7. The furballs chase snow. Now we rarely get snow here and it usually never sticks but in the last two months we've had a couple of light snows. Today we had big fluffy flakes and Mommy and Daddy cracked up watching the furballs trying to catch the flakes. Me? I stayed in aside all snuggled up in a softee. Yeah, I know I'm the smart one!
Now, I'm pretty sure everyone's been tagged for this, so I'm tagging anyone who hasn't played who wants to.

In other news, Mommy and Daddy went to a party yesterday to celebrate the daughter of a friend finally passing her GED and also to say goodbye to her as she is moving to Arizona next week. Mommy and Auntie Val made the cake for her. Kimberly loves lemon and Tinkerbell so it was lemon cake, lemon filling and lemon icing. It was a lot of lemon, but the Tinkerbell was fun. Mommy and Auntie Val sprinkled the cake with "fairy dust" so it would shimmer in the light. The good thing is that the picture doesn't show that the icing dried out just a little to much for Mommy to be happy and that she didn't get it centered on the board very well. Oh well, it still turned out pretty good. Mommy had supplies left over but fortunately she has a friend that loves lemon poppyseed so Mommy made another lemon cake and added poppyseeds and the lemon filing to make a lemon bundt cake for dessert tonight. So even more lemon. Good thing Mommy loves lemon too.


DaisyMae Maus said...

Yum! Lemon is good, but I'm not too into the poppy seeds. It's been furry wet here, but there hasn't been any snow for us to watch out the windows.

Sparky Fuzzypants is as prissy as Chewie ... He loves to brush his own face, too.

Yay! Smoke an' Cha-Ching are buddies. That's furry good.


Cheysuli and gemini said...

Chasing snow sounds a bit cold!

Skeeter, LC, and Ayla said...

Great "spillin the beans' on the furballs! MOL!

Black Cat said...

I loved reading those things about the furballs, haha! And the lemon cake sounds really yummy - I love lemon too, but not poppy seeds:) xxx

Tybalt said...

Wow . . . your mom is talented! My mommy said she was impressed, and thought the Tink cake was beautiful!

I loved learning more about the Furrballs, too. =^_^=

Elda said...

Good post.