Friday, September 14, 2007

Belated Thursday Thirteen

Mommy was too tired last night to blog. Too tired to blog? I told her there was no such thing but she went to bed anyway. So this morning I demanded that she let me on to the blog to add my Thursday Thirteen. Daddy is off hunting vishus deer today but before he left she gave him a long list of rules he had to follow.

1. Come home safe.
2. Don't get sick. (he got really sick after he came home from hunting three years)
3. Don't get lost.
4. Pack a compass and flashlight.
5. Wear warm clothes.
6. Take extra water.
7. Pack food for emergencies.
8. Charge your cell phone and take it with you.
9. Call to check in so we know you are okay.
10. You have to pack your own food unless you give Mommy notice of what you need so she can plan in advance.
11. You have to make the plan for the trip.
12. Mommy is not to see any deer.
and 13. Have fun.


Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

Those are all really good rules, especially the part about telling her in advance if he needs something and her not seeing any vishus deer.


Gemini said...

Oh I hope that your Daddy is okay. Hunting vishus deer sounds scary.

Jeter and Mickey said...

"Mommy is not to see any deer ..." That made me laugh! That would be #1 on my mom's list!

Skeezix the Cat said...

OHMYCAT! That's terryfying!!!! I hope the vishus deer don't eet yer dad!!! Is he tender and joosy???

Daisy said...

I think the coming home safe is the very most important rule.

Lux said...

Very good rules! I hope your mom is feeling more energetic - mine's been all tired, too.