Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Now that Smoke, Chewie and Gandalf have just past the six-month milestone yesterday and Cha-Ching is only two days away, we present you thirteen things about getting older:

1. We can climb nine feet off the floor to the plant shelf dividing the living room and the dining room.
2. We can't get toys out from under the baker's rack anymore.
3. We can leap the fence in the backyard and visit the neighbors.
4. We can't sit on top of our tent anymore without it collapsing.
5. We don't have "accidents" in the middle of the night anymore.
6. We've learned that Zoey can open the back door when it's shut but not locked (Mommy and Daddy keep it locked all the times now).
7. We're pretty close to learning how to unlock the kitty door all by ourselves (even though Mommy and Daddy tell us to stop when we try).
8. We've got being underfoot down to a science.
9. Chewie can hunt and catch birds (and olives).
10. We don't have to go the vet every two weeks for shots anymore.
11. We don't have a cat nursery anymore.
12. We're alot faster (and smarter).
and 13. Chewie doesn't really fit in the basket in Mommy and Daddy's headboard anymore (but she thinks she does!).
Oh, and here's a secret. The furballs have been teasing Cha-Ching mercilessly about a certain young girl whose blog he's been secretly reading (and re-reading).


Lux said...

Those are interesting things! Does it surprise you when the tent collapses???

Tara said...

Yes, getting older is great, isn't it? Kavan is just about 6 mo now too!

Ok, who does Cha-ching have a crush on??

Tara said...

PSSS...Thanks for the birthday wish!

Benjamin Fuzz said...

that's a great TT13! it's good to grow up, isn't it?


The Crew said...

I'm very happy to be grown up now. I'm still young enough to play but big & strong enough to be where I want to be. Plus I don't get into as much trouble as I used to.

Will there be a new romance soon? This is so exciting! Who is the lovely young lady. I probably know her.

Your friend

Cheysuli said...

I am with Lux--who was most surprised when the tent collapsed the first time?

It's nice to get up high though, isn't it?

The Meezers said...

that's a great list. we is dying to know who cha-ching has a crush on!!!

Daisy said...

I am very intrigued about Cha-Ching's little crush. Give us a hint!

Caesar and Princess said...

Amazing. 6 months have just blown by and there you are!

super great TT.

DaisyMae Maus said...

Growin' up is good ... Many more privileges.

Who does Cha-Ching have a crush on? Is it Tara? She's furry beautiful!


Christine and FAZ said...

Gandalf, you look just like my little before sister, Kirkby. She had a little white chin and bib and little white feet too. It brings back so many happy memories to my human when she sees pictures of you. I love your Friday 13 list too about how you're getting more mature.


Parker said...

Is love in the air? Growing up is fun!