Sunday, May 13, 2007

Welcome home, ummm, whatever your name is....

Well the beans have reported that they are going to adopt Jean Gray, Beast, Darth Vader, pain in the rear, whatever his name is as no one seems to be able to decide. They were waiting for the call to take it to the adoption fair today and the call never came and Mommy realized that they haven't even put the kitty's picture up on the Internet to find a family for him. That was Mommy's sign that God means for them to keep, umm, it. I guess she had been talking with Him about the fact that she's conflicted about breaking up the seemingly very happy trio (they all sleep intertwined with one another). Mommy wanted one more kitty anyway; it's just that she wanted a meezer like she had growing up, so I guess this is a trade off. I don't care either way because at least the furballs seemed to recognize that their place in this household is behind me on the pecking order.


Daisy said...

Oh hooray!! "Jean" has a forever home! What a wonderful Mother's Day present.

The Crew said...

You know Zoey, it's critical to establish yourself as the Senior Cat. I know this from experience, having raised 3 kittens (Tipper, Max & Misty) myself...although not all at the same time.


By the way, they all look great in the hammock!