Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Gus Mus

Today I am featuring my cousin Gus, who my mommy calls Gus Mus (I don't know why except that she likes to rhyme things). Gus is a big scaredy cat. He was even scared of the furball's brother Jack who came to live with Gus and his mommy. Despite being a big scaredy cat, Gus thinks he owns everything. He'll flop down wherever he wants. One of his favorite places was the arm of Auntie Michele's couch. Here he flopped down with a Build-a-Bear that Mommy's aunt Margie made on a trip to Seattle several years ago. Gus also gets into everything too. Although he's a scaredy cat, he has to check everything out. Here he's checking out his mommy's birthday gifts a few years ago. Mommy loves that his eyes are glowing because she says it shows his "devilish" side. All that aside, Gus really loves his mommy and treats her well (although he bites her every once in a while too) so I guess I'm okay with calling him "cuz."


DaisyMae Maus said...

Gus is furry attractive ... for a cousin. I haven't seen him much in photos. Please feature him often (or bug your Auntie Michele) to do a bloggie(!).

Love those flamingos!

Caesar and Princess said...

Gus is very cute.... furry furrry cute too!

Daisy said...

Hi Gus! Nice to meetcha. You look handsome.

DaisyMae Maus said...

Zoey: I've tagged you for a meme! It's called "Seven Random Things 'Bout Me!" and you can find all of the details on my bloggie! Stop by and start confessin'!