Monday, May 20, 2013

Craft Room Projects Update

A few weeks ago, the globe of my light fixture came crashing down, which has a spurred a couple craft room projects.  We bought a fan with lights to replace the light fixture and my dear hubby built me a shelf to give me a little space under the drawers and cubbies on my counter.  A week ago, I finished painting the new shelf and we put it in my craft room, but it was clear we needed to rehang my frames and my card line.  As the pictures show, lifting the boxes and drawers with the cubby below meant my cards were hanging behind some of the items on top.  Here I've already taken down the card line but you can still see the hooks:

So on Sunday we thought we would tackle up these last projects.  It started off well.  We rehung the frames about a foot and half higher on the wall and spaced them out all along the entire wall instead of just to the door.  That let me add two more frames.  Part one complete.  Then we hung the Command hooks higher, but two of them didn't want to stick.  I cannot tell you how many times they fell down, but we kept trying.  Part two, on hold because the hooks wouldn't hold.  On to part three:  hanging the new fan.  The old fixture came down easily enough, but when we went to put the new frame up, the screws were stripped.  Well, shoot.  So with a bit of a break for Chinese food with the folks and then it was off to Lowe's where $45 we had two longer screws (and a few new bushes and some plants for the hanging baskets) and it was back to the craft room.  The hooks now finally had stuck (apparently these ones wanted more than an hour to really stick).  So I was at least able to complete part two.  So then we tried the longer screws and, well, that didn't work.  So it's off to Lowe's tonight for some arm thingy that goes in the ceiling and new junction box.  I highly suspect that I'll be living off the lamps in my craft room for a few more days.  Good thing for Ott Lite light bulbs. 

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Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

You have a really nice set up and some really nice cabinets. I love the little whit ones with glass doors. Girl..didn't you know nothing goes back up as easy as it comes down!!! Life experience...I would be very jealous if yours had gone up that eay?...haha