Sunday, September 30, 2012

Vinyl on Sunday

While waiting for the tomato sauce to reduce so we can finish canning it, I thought I would play in my craft room for a bit.  For our upcoming anniversary, hubby picked out a new tackle box and mentioned that he thought he needed some fish and pointed to a fish skeleton sticker in the store.  He also mentioned putting a Tigger on it.  So I looked through the Silhouette Design Studio store, but I couldn't find the right fish skeleton, so I found a picture on the web where the person provided a .pdf for downloading so people could play with it themselves.  Bingo!  I opened that in Photoshop, erased the background, created a layer, filled that with black and then made the black layer conform to the shape of the fish. Once saved as a bitmap, I popped that into Inkscape, traced the bitmap and saved it as a SVG.  Then I was able to open the SVG in Silhouette and re-sized it to the variety of sizes. 

Once I cut them out and put them on the front of the box, hubby said it needed a hook, line and bobber.  Well that's easy enough because the hook and bobber can be purchased in the Silhouette store.  Check.  Then some clear vinyl cut thinly for the fishing line and it was done.

Then on the to the Tigger.  It was super easy because he liked a design I had previously downloaded from Mardenz. 

Once the Tigger was on, hubby was looking at the back of the box and said it needed fish too.  So a few more cuts on the Cameo and little help from hubby to figure what should go where and it was done.  It was fun to work on the project with hubby. 

Now we just have to finish the sauce and get ready for a full week of work.  After four weeks of three day weekends, it's going to weird to work all week again. 


Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

Love the tackle box and reading the story....very fun and entertaining. I did a fish bone very similar for a friend about 4 weeks back, but I put in on a thermal glass. I'll have to show him the tackle box since he's an avid fisherman. Again, really great!

DaisyMae Maus said...

Kirsten! Nice job! I sent a little box for your anniversary. Did it arrive yet?

Tell Matt that I like his tackle box! It's very cool!

Love you both!

vinyl stickers said...

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