Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mojo Monday # 206 and Saturday adventures

Last night I got in a baking frenzy to use up the zucchinis that are ripening in the garden.

Several hours later I had four, well, three and half loaves...

We started off today with a call from hubby's parents that they had found a smoker (the barbecue kind) at the garage sale across the street. Now hubby has had his eye on a smoker for a while now, so I knew he was interested. So after breakfast, we hopped in the truck to go down to pick it up and drop off a loaf of bread. While we were there, it just so happened that they had the cover for the bed of hubby's truck, another thing he's had his eye for a while but hadn't bought. So we got a deal on both them and he's happy as can be.

When we got home, I headed for my craft room. I have a list of cards I need to finish for upcoming birthdays and such, so tonight I sat down to get to work on them. This one was inspired by this week's Mojo Monday sketch. My co-worker is a big Betty Boop fan and I'm sure she's just going to love this card. The best part is I made it entirely from scraps of paper I found in my scrap bin.

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Mark's Mews said...

Wow, that is some kinna garage sale that has smokers and truck bed tops! Our kinds here feature stuff like old CDs, glass pigs, an clocks...

That is a LOVELY card you made fer your co-worker!