Sunday, July 10, 2011

Having a bit of fun...

Spoiler alert! Spoiler alert! DMM - Do not read this blog post unless you want to see what's in the box coming this week. Spoiler alert! Spoiler alert!

I had a bit of fun this week. Last Saturday, during our trip to Jo-Ann's (when I bought to the cork board), I also bought a paw print border punch by EK Success. I love, love, love this punch and already had one, but this one wasn't for me. When my cousin was here visiting a while ago, I took her to a card camp put on by a local Stampin' Up demonstrator. I used to go to them all the time, but they were pretty gossipy. It was pretty catty even though I didn't know any the people they were talking about, so it stopped being as much fun. Honestly, by then, I had learned most of the basics and discovered that YouTube and the blog world have enough crafters with instructions, pictures and (even better) videos, that I didn't need the card camps anymore.

But now my aunt has started card making and my cousin noted that she wished I lived closer so we could collaborate. Well, that's not going to happen because I'm happy where I am, but I can be a little long distance help. So I sent her links to some of my favorite layout websites and gave her other tips. Then I realized I could share some of my favorite tools. So at JoAnn's, I picked up my favorite paw print border punch. Then I sat down and put together several card samples to show them what could be done with the punch. I then wrote down specific instructions on how to re-create each of the cards.

I sent them packets with the paper they would need to create each card three more times and added the matching envelopes. I realized that I had a lot of tools that they probably don't have. Since many of the stamps I used are retired now, I stamped the images for them, but left it for them to cut out, except for one where I stamped on a bracket cut out from SCAL. I also tossed in the roll of ribbon used, rhinestones, brads and such necessary to finish the cards off. Each card was packed in a plastic bag with one finished sample card and the supplies to recreate it.

Oh, and I also tossed in a cup decal I had designed for my cousin, but never could find the the cup for. How is it that this town doesn't have a single straw cup left anywhere??? Seriously folks, a few months ago when I was looking for my first cup, I couldn't find it and my husband had to put out a bounty for it. Then the cups were everywhere. Now, when I'm out of cups and was looking for them again, they're gone! Oh well, I'm sending it to her unmounted because maybe she'll have better luck finding one. So that's in the box too.

I also wrote down a list of supplies that I wasn't sure they would have yet that would be helpful in making the cards. Yesterday, I hit both Michaels and Jo-Ann's because I had coupons and good sales and got the rest of the things I thought they might not have to finish off the cards. So I tossed in a glue pen, some stamp pads and pop-dots. I then topped the whole thing with some foam sheets. I recently learned a little trick to cut a piece of foam to put over brads, buttons, rhinestones or any other bumpy little thing when mailing the card. Unfortunately, I could only find them in a ginormous package that will probably last longer than I do, so I thought I would save them the headache and include some for their mailing.

Oh, and I can't help but share this picture of Smoke. I opened the window in my craft room yesterday to let some breeze in. Next thing I know, Smoke in peeking his nose up to the window from under my table. But there wasn't enough space for him to climb up under the table. So then he started peeking over the table and then up on the table and into the window sill. He's sat there for hours yesterday and now again this morning. I've got to say, there really isn't a good view. All I can see from my craft window is the RV pad on the side of the house. So I get a glimpse of raspberry plants (they are finally getting ripe) that are the start of the garden, the RV and Matt's old boat that he's finally fixing the axle on the trailer (part of the reason we got the new(er) boat a few years ago). It's not really an attractive view.

Mind you, the cats have a huge fenced in cat yard out back where they can go outside anytime they want. Matt's done a really great job of making it kitty proof so that they can't get out. The birds still fly in (silly birds) for them to hunt and there's plenty of room to run and wrestle and play. There are brick walkways and bushes to lay under (or in as Smoke likes to do). A pond to watch fish (and get a drink - ewwww!) and a cat nip plant in a cage that they can get to some leaves, but protects the plant enough to survive. It's pretty much a kitty wonderland. Yet, he's more interested in the window sills in my craft room, the gym, the guest bedroom and the living room. Of course they all face areas that the cat yard doesn't. I guess it's just his version of cat TV.


Mark's Mews said...

What a wunnerful package ya made for DMM! We hope it stays a surprise.

What did yer Mom do ta kittyproof the fence. Was that the plastic panels or the net? TBT has mentioned some advices he got from other Beins, but he dint tell us who suggested what. Cuz we actually want him ta do the fences now. We aren't bein allowed out anymore, an we figure it is better ta get out than climb the fence. We just cant help ourselfs when outside though...

The Fuzz Factory said...

wowie kazowie, kirsten! dmm is going to be hugely surprised! i bet she and her mama have a blast with their new craft projects.