Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Boy am I behind

I found all these great sketches to use as inspiration and I have them open in Windows on the bottom of my screen. Unfortunately, I haven't felt much like scrapping the last few days. We got a call that Matt's dad was in the ER with a heart episode on Monday so we left work early to go reassure ourselves that everything was fine (it is and he's home now), but by the time we left, I had developed a headache. So it was straight to bed when I got home. Then yesterday I still had the headache so I didn't feel like do much in the evening but going back to bed. Tonight my headache is finally starting to subside, but I'm still not quite up to be very creative. I just did a little to finish up this layout from the Sketchy Thursdays that they posted nearly two weeks ago!
I just have to point out there is some rare handwritten journalling. I really hate my messy handwriting so I rarely journal by hand. But for this layout, it just seemed like the right thing.

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Mark's Mews said...

We think that creativity requires either complete calmness or complete chaos! Both werk, but we like calmness...